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New York (especially Manhattan) is home to many acupuncture centers, which can make finding the right acupuncturist a difficult task. Joan Borden, MAc, Certified New York Acupuncturist and Director of the Manhattan Acupuncture Center of New York has reached the highest level of acupuncture certification and is recognized as one of the of the best acupuncturists in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Joan Borden uses Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Five Element Acupuncture, and her background and formative education in Western medicine to provide the highest standard of health enhancement via acupuncture. Dr. Joan Borden's impressive credentials in the fields of Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation (the nonsurgical facelift), and Reiki include:

AAOM - Member, American Association of Oriental Medicine
AOM Alliance - Member, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance
ASNY- Member, Acupuncture Society of New York
MAc- Masters Degree in Acupuncture
Mastership Certificates - Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Cranio-sacral work, Facial Rejuvenation, Reiki, and Zero-Balancing
Masters in Acupuncture (MAc) - from TAISOPHIA Institute
NADA - Member, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association
New York State Acupuncture Certification
-Member, Society for Acupuncture Research

Doctor Joan Borden is an acupuncture specialist and practices  in Manhattan, New York. Dr. Borden specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic acupuncture, and has a reputation for her best-in-class practices in performing facial rejuvenation (the nonsurgical facelift), and Reiki .

Acupuncture can strengthen the physical body, rejuvenate your face, support anti-aging, prevent disease, control pain, calm the mind, enhance health, assist in sports performance, and aid in addiction withdrawal. Your acupuncture treatment at the Manhattan Acupuncture Center in New York may also include acupressure, herbal masks, creams / lotions, aromatherapy, Reiki treatment, craniosacral work, and nutritional & fitness coaching.

Acupuncture, a form of Chinese medicine, is over 4000 years old.  Acupuncture is effective in dealing with our modern day health, beauty and aging concerns. Acupuncture is a possible alternative to invasive surgery including a facelift.  People notice a difference in themselves often in just one session. Only pre-sterilized single-use needles are used by Dr. Joan Borden during the acupuncture treatment.

What is Acupuncture
? "Chinese medicine," often called "Oriental medicine" or "traditional Chinese medicine" includes a vast array of medical practices With acupuncture the body's vital energy (chi or qi) circulates through the body's channels, called meridians, that have branches connected to bodily organs and functions. Illness is attributed to imbalance or interruption of one's chi. Acupuncture, as now practiced, entails the insertion of sterilized stainless steel needles into various body areas. 

What is Reiki
? Reiki is a natural healing technique that can assist in the healing process of many health issues and injuries including some serious problems such as skin problems, cuts, broken bones, headaches, colds, sunburn, insomnia, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, sleeping problems, and many others illnesses. Feel free to contact the Manhattan Acupuncture Center in Manhattan, New York to find out more about how reiki can help you.

What is Facial Rejuvenation
? The goal of facial rejuvenation is to restore a more youthful look by helping to reverse the appearance of aging via a proven nonsurgical method of acupuncture.

Feel free to contact Dr. Joan Borden, New York State Certified Acupuncturist, to make an appointment for acupuncture, the non-surgical face-lift "facial rejuvenation", or Reiki at her Manhattan, New York Acupuncture Center by phoning 212/876.3636 or email:



Facial Rejuvenation

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